Head Razors For Bald Men



The art of Head Shaving has been practiced throughout  history  for a myriad list or reasons. Reasons that include practicality, convenience, fashion, religion or culture.

Men suffering from hair loss may choose to shave their heads. Why? Because they bald is fashionable, more convenient, and according to multiple reports, damn sexy!. For a while it’s been popular among Men with alopecia, areata or pattern baldness to shave,  It has also become more common for bald men to accessorize and accompany it with a wicked beard!!

Whatever your reason bald men have searched for the perfect tool, the best razor to perform the duty of a great head shave.  So we present you with the gift of the Head Shave Club. Join the club and find your perfect shaving tool.





Head Razors For Bald Men


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Introducing C-Clip

Just like the traditional Halftime Razor
but now with a removable clip for longer hard to reach areas.
Perfect for your legs and "the smoothest" shave.

  • 1 Unhook the c-clip
  • 2 Replace with one of our 4 cartridges
  • 3 Reverse the process for harder to reach areas with the c-clip

Halftime Razor

The classic product you love
now with a removable blade head. Replace with our 4 six blade cartridges.

  • 1 Unhook blade from traditional Halftime Razor handle
  • 2 Replace with new blade
  • 3 Enjoy, "reducing my shaving time in half, plus my head hasn't felt so smooth for quite some time now. I will definitely be coming back from now on." Colin D

4 Six Blade Cartridges

Please follow the instructions below

  • 1 Use caution when replacing blade
  • 2 Grip handle in one hand. Pinch blade by sides with other
  • 3 Push handle to right, push blade left
  • 4 Remove blade by lifting free side up, then the other side. Safely Dispose of old blade. Reverse sequence to secure new blade