Earl’s Capabilities & More!

    • Perfect for bald heads, beards, trimming, around ears. Great close cutting action without friction or burn (Please oil before every cut: Oil included!!)
    • Cordless connection capability and usb fast charging: Charge fast anytime anywhere
    • 4.5 hours of run-time after a single charge 
    • The Earl is international, because of its global voltage which makes it ideal for travel
    • Earl has a smart led display that displays battery and speed level!
    • Low noise
    • Ergonomic Handle Design & Lightweight  
    • 6 different guide combs (1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm)
    • 1*Hair Trimmer
    • 1*adapter
    • 1*cleaning brush
    • Blade cover
    • 1 Storage bag



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Introducing C-Clip

Just like the traditional Halftime Razor
but now with a removable clip for longer hard to reach areas.
Perfect for your legs and "the smoothest" shave.

  • 1 Unhook the c-clip
  • 2 Replace with one of our 4 cartridges
  • 3 Reverse the process for harder to reach areas with the c-clip

Halftime Razor

The classic product you love
now with a removable blade head. Replace with our 4 six blade cartridges.

  • 1 Unhook blade from traditional Halftime Razor handle
  • 2 Replace with new blade
  • 3 Enjoy, "reducing my shaving time in half, plus my head hasn't felt so smooth for quite some time now. I will definitely be coming back from now on." Colin D

4 Six Blade Cartridges

Please follow the instructions below

  • 1 Use caution when replacing blade
  • 2 Grip handle in one hand. Pinch blade by sides with other
  • 3 Push handle to right, push blade left
  • 4 Remove blade by lifting free side up, then the other side. Safely Dispose of old blade. Reverse sequence to secure new blade