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The first dual-headed, 12 blade razor, designed for the best all-over shave

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"The fantastic design means that I never have to worry about dropping the razor as  I use it to hit all those hard to shave spots."

-Ryan M. from Texas

"I've never been able to shave my head this quick and without missing a single spot! No mirror needed!"

-Walter E. from Florida

"The quickest way to shave my chest and shoulders before a big competition!"

-Mike S. from New Jersey

The Razor Your Body Has Been Waiting For

Halftime Razors has your back, literally.
Introduce your body to a smoother, cleaner world.
Give it a TRy: 1 Razor : Free Shipping IN The US

One, dual-headed, 12 blade razor to do some light work all over your body.

  • Free Shipping
  • Handle is Made in the USA
  • Aloe Vera Strips
  • 1 Razor
  • Japanese stainless steel
  • 100% Awesome
Let Us Hook You Up: 2 Razors : Free Shipping IN thE US

Two, dual-headed, 12 blade razors ready to pull double duty and leave your body fresh.

  • Free Shipping
  • Handle is Made in the USA
  • Aloe Vera Strips
  • 2 Razors
  • Japanese stainless steel
  • 200% Awesome

Keep it Clean

 the all-over shave just got easy
Ergonmic Grip

The three finger grip allows for superb control and a smooth shave. No more sore shoulders, twisted wrists, or razors slipping out of your hand. Our grip-focused design allows for a comfortable, wrist saving grip.

Two Way Action

No need to perform crazy gymnastics with your wrist to maximize your shave. You can push & pull your way to a great shave with the Halftime Razor, switching direction at will, and doing it in half the time.

12 Blades, 2 Heads

Unquestionable Blade Supremacy. We provide you with two heads, each with the 6 superior blades to give you the closest shave in the least amount of time. After a couple dozen shaves you simply toss out the whole unit and grab a fresh one.

Superior Handling For A Cleaner Shave

You won't only look superior, but we guarantee a superior experience. Every stroke allows your middle finger to check for missed spots  as you apply alternating pressure with your ring and pointer finger. Your grip will allow you to quickly get that clean look you've been searching for.

High-Quality Steel Blades

We searched long and hard for the best materials to use in bringing to life our groundbreaking design. After testing countless razors, comparing steels for sharpness and durability, we chose the one that will provide you with your best shave yet.

Designed For Your Body

Our Patent Pending design has been crafted with your whole body in mind. All those curves and angles that a stick razor just can't handle, the Halftime Razor tackles with ease. Its dual heads and iconic grip are the solution millions of people have been searching for.

Stop Using the Wrong Tool for the Job

Stick Razors belong on your face, and NO. WHERE. ELSE.

Halftime Razors has your back, your shoulders, your head, and your butt. We got you covered, when your covered in too much hair.
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